The Most In Demand IT Job Skills

Job seekers and IT professionals seeking to get ahead will of course need to know plenty about the most in demand IT job skills. It is important to know what skill sets employers need, and to tailor your own training to those job skills. Among the areas expected to see the most demand in the near future are:

.NET Development

Those workers who possess the needed .NET development skills may find themselves in high demand. Many companies have begun to upgrade their old systems, and migration to the .NET system is high on many priority lists. In addition, many companies that already rely on Microsoft products have been motivated to make the jump to .NET.

And since .NET technology is still relatively new, only a limited number of developers possess these in demand skills. This means that the demand for such positions outstrips the supply in many areas of the country, resulting in high salaries and good benefits for those with the requisite skills. Those developers with object oriented programming skills in programs like C, C++, Visual Basic and Java may find it relatively easy to learn .NET, and this continuing education can be a great way for those workers to grow their skills and their salaries.

SQL Server Development

SQL Server skills are also expected to be in high demand, as more and more companies make use of this powerful database program. Many companies have been turning to SQL Server Reporting Services in order to manage their company data, and this has in turn created a high demand for database administrators and database developers with the needed skills.

Companies of all sizes need these professionals to manage everything from planning a new database to managing and supporting existing databases. Those with SQL Server 2005 training and certification are also expected to be in high demand as more companies move to the newer version of SQL.

Windows 2003 Server Administrators

As more and more companies move up to the power of Windows 2003 Server, those who possess the necessary training, skills and certification are expected to find themselves in high demand. Companies of all sizes continue to seek out candidates with previous experience in Windows 2003 Server to fill their system administrator and network administrator positions. These professionals are required for such critical functions as overseeing the daily administration of Windows 2003 Server, Active Directory and Exchange 2003. In addition, such individuals will often be called upon to perform system upgrades and troubleshoot problems.

Of course it is important for those IT professionals to gain the necessary skills and certifications before they hit the job market, and CBT Planet is proud to provide training and certification programs in all the most in demand projects, including Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle and more. Through its self paced computer based training, students will learn the skills they need to compete in today's increasingly competitive IT job market. Contact CBT Planet today to discuss all your training and certification needs.