Tips for Overcoming Job Search Roadblocks

Finding a new job is never easy, and finding a great IT job can be even more of a challenge. We have all heard the horror stories of a downturn in the IT job market, along with stories of rampant outsourcing and declining salaries. While the job market has begun to turn around, it can still be difficult for job seekers to overcome common roadblocks on the way to a great new IT job.

Perception is Reality

One of the most effective methods jobs seekers can use to change their fortunes is to change their perspective. For instance, taking any part of your background that may be perceived as a weakness and turning it into a strength can help turn around even the most reticent hiring manager.

For instance, those job seekers who have more experience than is required for the job may wish to highlight how those extra years in the workforce can be an asset to the employer. Job seekers may want to point out these strengths in their cover letter, pointing out how their many years of experience will allow them to make an immediate impact on IT operations.

For those with an unflattering event, such as a firing or demotion, in their record, a good tactic is to focus on the lessons that such experiences have taught. Showing how those negative events have changed you is yet another way to turn those perceived weaknesses into real strengths.

Watch That Attitude

It is also important for job seekers not to allow their own attitudes to get in the way of a successful job search. For instance, those job seekers who are convinced that their lack of needed skills may prevent them from being hired may allow this pessimistic viewpoint to show through in their contacts with employers. This can result in a self fulfilling prophecy, but adopting an upbeat, can do attitude can have the opposite effect.

It is also important to keep in mind that it may be possible to offset some less than desirable aspects of your background by instead concentrating on the full range of abilities you bring to the table. For example, while you may fall short on the years of experience required for the position, excellent written and oral communication skills could help to tip the scales back in your favor.

It is also helpful for job seekers to keep in mind that employers these days are looking for a wide range of skills in the IT workers they hire, not only technical skills but a full compliment of soft skills as well. It may be helpful for those with less than desirable levels of experience to focus instead on their interpersonal and project managementskills.

And last but certainly not least it is important for those seeking a new or a better job to change the things they can. If the problem is a lack of experience, using a current position, even if less than desirable, to gain that experience can provide a ready springboard to a better job down the road. If the problem is one of a lack of training and certification, gaining those certifications is a sure way to capture the attention of hiring managers and IT recruiters.

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