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CBT Planet offers a full range of Adobe training courses in several learning formats to best meet your preferred learning style. Whether you’re a visual or hands-on learner, you’ll find the information you need to master Adobe software. Video-based Adobe tutorials are ideal when you want to see the tasks demonstrated on your own computer while books are perfect for learners who prefer text-based learning. Would you rather learn from an instructor? CBT Planet’s DVD course gives you the best of both worlds by featuring instructor-led video lessons and a self-study format. Adobe online training courses also feature certified instructors and can be taken either live or on demand. The live online distance learning format allows you to participate in a structured class without having to travel to get there. Corporate training formats such as boot camps and onsite classes are also available. For example, if your entire office needs Adobe Photoshop training, have CBT Planet deliver a live class to your office and equip your team to work with the Photoshop software conveniently and cost-effectively. As a blended learning provider, CBT Planet has the Adobe training courses you need in a format that’s right for you.


Adobe Creative Suite Training Courses

Adobe Training Courses






Self-Paced Adobe Video Training CD-Roms
With our self-study interactive Adobe software training cbt suite, you can save thousands when compared to traditional instructor-led classes. The Adobe CBT training cd-rom disks will always be available to you to learn anywhere and anytime.
  ColdFusion 8
  ColdFusion CS3
  Dreamweaver CS4
  Dreamweaver CS3
  Dreamweaver MX 2004
  Fireworks CS4
  Fireworks CS3
  Flash CS4
  Flash CS3
  Flash MX 2004
  Illustrator CS4
  Illustrator CS3
  Illustrator CS2
  InDesign CS4
  InDesign CS3
  InDesign CS2
  Photoshop CS4
  Photoshop CS3
  Photoshop CS2
Online Adobe Training
Lean how to master Adobe when you take our Adobe online training course taught by certified instructors with years of industry experience. Our Adobe online training course will teach you how to fully use the program as it was meant to be used through in-depth discussions and presentations, hands-on experience and quizzes and assessments to test your knowledge and track your progress. The best thing about our online Adobe training videos is that you have to freedom to learn when you please. You set your own learning schedule with our online Adobe training videos, which is perfect for those with very busy schedules.
  ColdFusion CS3 Online
  Dreamweaver CS3 Online
  FireWorks CS3 Online
  Flash CS3 Online
  Illustrator CS3 Online
  InDesign CS3 Online
  PhotoShop CS3 Online
Boot Camp Adobe Training Classes
For those who are in a hurry to learn about Adobe, we offer an Adobe boot camp course that lasts five days in Atlanta, Georgia. This form of learning is definitely not for the weak since all five days are very intense and rigorous as we cram all the information you need into a week's time. However, our Adobe training course is perfect for those who like to learn fast and do not mind the intense learning schedule. Our subject matter experts have numerous years of experience within the field and will pass down all their knowledge to you when you sign up for our boot camp course.
  Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Boot Camp
  Adobe Flash CS3 Boot Camp

The Adobe training takes place directly on your computer – even if you don't have a copy of the Adobe product you are trying to learn installed. The simulated environment lets you perform hands-on tasks even if you don't have access to the software. This is an excellent way to get experience using new software without having to invest in the application.

You can watch Adobe training videos on CD and see a certified instructor demonstrating the steps. You'll get comfortable with the environment and be ready to begin using the software once you complete the course.

The self-paced Adobe CBT courses are an ideal way to learn how to use Adobe software without having to take time-consuming (and expensive) classes. You can sharpen your skills at a pace of your own design. Choose the type of Adobe training you want and begin by watching videos and interacting with the courseware.

Photoshop CS4
Illustrator CS4
InDesign CS4
Flash CS4
Dreamweaver CS4
Fireworks CS4