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microsoft office 2008 training

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Training CDs
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Are you ready for the 2008 version of Microsoft Office for the Mac? This new version runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based systems and is completely compatible with Windows versions of Office. You can create, save and open your documents and files on either platform because of the Office Open XML formats. Just as Windows Office users experienced a complete redesign with Office 2007, Mac users are also in for a treat with the new interface. The new interface features an Elements Gallery and Documents Parts that give users access to common tools.

If you're upgrading to the new version, get up to speed with the changes by using the self-paced Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac CBT. New users and experienced Office users will both benefit from the training. New users will get a thorough introduction to the applications in the suite while existing users will learn about the new layout and features.

The Microsoft Office 2008 training CD is an ideal tool for anyone who needs to learn how to use MS Office but doesn't want to attend traditional computer training classes. It is completely self-directed so you are always in control of your learning. The course is conducted on your computer where you'll watch a series of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac training videos and participate in interactive activities.

A simulated environment makes the self-paced Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac CBT an effective way to get comfortable with the Office interface, even if you don't yet have a copy of the new software.

Use the Microsoft Office 2008 training CD at your own pace and learn from a certified instructor without attending classes. Full motion video allows you to see the software in action and learn what to do directly from an expert. You can watch these Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac training videos as many times as you need in order to fully understand each concept.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of MS Office 2008, the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac training CD is an excellent choice.

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