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From modular database components, through custom templates, to sharing on the web, CBT Planet's Microsoft Access 2010 training videos provide the thorough instruction you need, without the disruption or expense of off-site classes. We have built a strong reputation for video courses for Microsoft desktop applications through understanding customers' challenges and delivering solutions that combine quality with convenience. Our MS Access 2010 video training allows people to learn the whole program, or to quickly upgrade their knowledge by studying just those sections appropriate to them. Like all our self-spaced Office 2010 training courses it ensures that people get precisely the skills they want. For cost-effective answers to your learning requirements, call an adviser now.

Target Audience

Our Access 2010 videos combine traditional instructor-led training with modern, immersive media to produce comprehensive yet easy-to-use lessons. As a result they appeal to a wide range of professionals, from those learning Microsoft Access for the first time to those who have experience with previous versions and want to update their knowledge quickly. Anyone who wants to master this leading database software will find the training clear, concise and remarkably convenient.


While experience with previous versions of the program are of course an advantage, our self-study Microsoft Access 2010 videos have been designed to offer assistance to all users, regardless of their current skill level. If you've been using Access 2007, for example, you can jump straight to areas that have been improved without covering subjects you've already learned. If you're coming to the software for the first time, we provide a clear path to rapidly gaining the understanding you need.

Microsoft Access 2010 CBT Videos (DVD)

If you're frequently on the move our Microsoft Access 2010 CBT training videos provide an excellent way to learn. Likewise if a new member of staff needs instruction their colleagues have already received. A tremendous benefit of this instructor-led computer based training course for Microsoft Access 2010 is that it can go anywhere and be used any time. Yet for all that flexibility (and low cost) you still get the excellent instruction we're known for. That's because every DVD (usually provided in HD format) has been developed by the same teams who put together live classes. They take the best of that methodology and blend it with rich multimedia to create one of the finest learning solutions available.

Microsoft Access 2010 Web-Based Training (Online)

Our Microsoft Access 2010 online training videos have been designed to satisfy all study requirements. An individual can quickly get to grips with templates, forms and reports. Using the same web-based training program, a whole team can update knowledge from previous versions of the program or investigate advanced functions. An online MS Access 2010 training course works for everyone and anyone. With no restrictions concerning when information is available it responds to the demands of the individual or group with equal effectiveness. Add the convenience and the cost-savings over ordinary off-site lessons and you have a Microsoft Access 2010 learning system that's tough to beat.

Microsoft Access 2010 Video Training Outline:

Microsoft Access 2010 Basic

1.0 Getting Started with Access 2010

What is Access? Explore the Access Environment
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon
View an Existing Access Database
Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports
Explore the Different Views of Access
Introduction to Relational Database Design
Five Essential Steps for Database Design
Creating a New Blank Database
Getting Help

2.0 The Essential Access Building Block: Tables

Create a Table using the Table Wizard
Create a Table in Design View
Identifying Data Types
Establishing a Primary Key
Setting Fields Properties
Creating Table Relationships
Identifying the Types of Table Relationships
Establishing Referential Integrity
Changing the Table Design

3.0 Working with Tables

Typing Data in the Tables
Find Records
Sort Records
Filter Records
Adding, Deleting and Changing Records
View Data from Related Tables
Modifying Tables: Rename, Copy, Delete, Save As

4.0 Queries

Create a Select Query Using the Wizard
Create a Select Query in Design View
Add Criteria to a Query
How to Ask And/Or Questions
Using Wildcards to Find Data
Setting Query Properties
Modify the Query Design
Add a Calculated Field to a Query

5.0 Designing Forms

View Data Using an Access Form
Add, Modify or Delete Records Using an Access Form
Create a Form Using the Form Wizard
Create a Form from Scratch
Create a Calculated Field on a Form
Improving a Form Using the Toolbox
Looking at Form Properties
Using the Data Entry Property

6.0 Generating Reports

View an Access Report
Create an Access Report From Scratch
Create an Access Report Using the Wizard
Add a Calculated Field to a Report
Looking at Report Properties
Apply a Theme to a Report
Prepare a Report for Printer
Making Changes to a Report
Adding Groups and Sorting


Microsoft Access 2010 Intermediate

1.0 Enhancing Tables

Validation Rules and Validation Text
Create an Input Mask
Use the Lookup Wizard to Restrict Data Entry
Using Hyperlinks in Tables
Utilizing the OLE Data Type

2.0 Using a Variety of Query Types

Create a Query with Two or More Tables
Create a Parameter Query
Create an Update Query
Create an Append Query
Create a Delete Query
Make Table Query
Find Duplicates Using the Wizard
Find Unmatched Using the Wizard
Use the Record Grouping Tool
Showing Top Values

3.0 Charting

Charting in Forms
Charting in Reports

4.0 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Create a Pivot Table
Using the Pivot Chart View

5.0 Macros

Looking at the Macro Environment
Creating a Macro
Running and Modifying a Macro
Attaching a Macro to a Form Button
Creating an AutoExec Macro


Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced

1.0 Advanced Tools in the Database

Compacting and Repairing a Database
Using Data Analysis Tools
Splitting a Database
Encrypting a Database and Setting a Password  
Convert a Database to an MDE File
Creating a Database Backup

2.0 Using Access with Other Applications

Importing Excel
Exporting Data to Excel
Exporting to PDF
Exporting into a Word Mail Merge
Publishing in HTML to a Web Browser
Sharing VIA Email

3.0 Reports

Adding Conditional Formatting and Data Bars
Creating Multi-Table Reports
Creating Mailing Labels

4.0 Queries

Parameter Queries
Using an Update Query to Convert Text to Proper Case
Query to Display Due Dates for the Current Month
Show Records from the Last 3 Months
Using an Append Query to Set the Initial Value of an AutoNumber Field

5.0 Forms

Creating a Switchboard
Setting Startup Options
Setting Tab Stops on Forms
Using Subforms