Introduction to Computers Training

basic computer training

CBT Planet's basic computer training courses are ideal for anyone who needs a thorough introduction to computers. Whether you're brand new to computers, want to become more comfortable using a PC, or considering a career in technology, a basic computer training course will provide you with the foundation you need to begin using and working with computers. With nearly every job requiring fundamental computer skills, enrolling in computer training basics is a must. Even retirees need computer skills in order to take advantage of today's online services such as online banking, email, digital photography, and Internet-based news feeds. One of the best ways to learn basic computer terms and skills is to take a course directly on the computer itself. For example, you could participate in an introduction to computers course by watching videos on your computer. This type of course allows you to see the steps in full motion video on your own monitor. CBT Planet offers computer skills training on DVD as well as online and in other training formats. Simulations and hands-on activities are incorporated in these computer-based courses as well, giving you a realistic, hands-on learning experience.

In addition to computer-based basic computer training classes, CBT Planet also offers live classes and study guides. No matter how little you know about computers now, with CBT Planet's help, you can obtain basic computer knowledge by enrolling in either live or self-study computer training classes. Computers may seem complex at first, but once you've mastered the basics by participating in basic computer training courses from CBT Planet, you'll soon be comfortable using them.