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CBT Planet offers dozens of instructor-led IT training videos designed to transfer real world knowledge from leading subject matter experts to IT professionals who lack the time or funds for traditional IT classes. Whether you need to master a specific technology from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, or Oracle or want to specialize in a certain area such as cloud computing, networking, or virtualization, CBT planet has IT video training courses to match. Imagine watching IT security training videos in the comfort of your home or office and acquiring vital new skills as a result. Learn more about our IT videos by contacting a CBT Planet training advisor for more information.

IT Training Courses

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IT CBT Videos (DVD)

IT CBT training involves an individual or employee in need of technical training, a computer disc (either CD or DVD), and a certified instructor in video form. CBT courses can be loaded on your computer directly or accessed over the corporate network. Information technology training CBT courses are self-guided, allowing each trainee to study the material at an individual pace. Since the CBT format typically comes with a perpetual license, these IT computer based training videos continue to serve over and over. In addition, each employee who watches these videos receives the same information delivered by the same instructor which ensures that everyone is on the same wavelength.

IT Web-Based Training (Online)

CBT Planet also offers information technology online training videos. These videos, like the CBT format, are pre-recorded and allow for self-paced learning. With a certified instructor delivering detailed video lessons, you can master the material without having to take live classes. Instead, watch videos and learn according to your needs. CBT Planet's IT online training courses allow you to study on your terms at any time, day or night. If you need to learn the material quickly, you could even watch the videos at home after work or on weekends. If you'd rather take your time, you can enjoy shorter viewing sessions. Either way, these online IT training videos allow you to learn based on your needs.