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From the fundamentals of administration to advanced application development, CBT Planet have Oracle training courses that encompass all aspects of database systems. What's more, to satisfy the demands of clients from a wide variety of backgrounds we offer equally varied IT training methodologies. So for the ambitious individual there's Oracle 11g training on immersive self-study DVD. For corporates there's everything from live classes - via an extensive network of venues throughout the US and Canada - through intensive boot camps and live online courses, to individually designed solutions that we bring straight into your premises. Greater efficiency and productivity comes from professionals who have a thorough understanding of the technology. Our Oracle training courses fulfill that need with solutions that adapt to the way you work.

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View Oracle Courses by Training Formats


Oracle 11g Training

  • Oracle 11g Foundations: SQL & SQL Plus (OR103)
  • Oracle 11g SQL for Business or Data Analysts (OR106)
  • Oracle 11g Introduction to PL/SQL (OR120)
  • Oracle 11g Intermediate PL/SQL (OR125)
  • Oracle 11g Database Administration I (OR202)
  • Oracle 11g Database Administration II (OR203)

Oracle 10g Training

  • Oracle 10g Foundations: SQL & SQL*Plus (OR103)
  • Oracle 10g SQL for Business and Data Analysts (OR106)
  • Oracle 10g PL/SQL Introduction (OR120)
  • Oracle 10g PL/SQL Intermediate (OR125)
  • Oracle 10g Database Administration I (OR202)
  • Oracle 10g Database Administration II (OR203)
  • Oracle 10g Discoverer Desktop For End Users (OR601)

Available Courses by Training Formats

Oracle Training Classes (Instructor-Led)

There's much more to CBT Planet's provision of Oracle training classes than the high-quality lessons at venues right across the US and Canada. Those remain an extremely popular and effective way of giving your personnel the information they need, but we've built on that foundation with the addition of boot camps for those who want to reduce study time to a minimum, live online lessons for those who need to keep their staff on hand and custom-tailored onsite courses that offer unrivaled focus on your corporate goals. Whether you need to introduce new people to the way you work with 10g desktop, or teach the latest advances to a Oracle 11g database administrator, you'll find we have precisely right Oracle training classes, delivered exactly how you want them.

Oracle Books

Far from being a teaching method that's been surpassed by modern technologies, CBT Planet's collection of Oracle training books remain as pertinent and effective today as they've ever been. There's no denying how cost-effectve they are either. Whether you're seeking the solution to a single question or building up a valuable resource, Oracle dba books offer answers provided by some of the best minds in the industry. They're convenient, easy to use anywhere and require an almost negligible investment. Perhaps you need additional help with exam study. Maybe you're looking to increase your knowledge and expand your career options. Everyone from those just entering the field to the most experienced professional can find the solutions they need in our Oracle training books.

Oracle Practice Tests

The in-depth feedback you get from CBT Planet's Oracle practice test provides you with more than a pass or fail. The simulation gives you a realistic impression of the testing environment, with vendor-style questioning so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. Correct and incorrect answers illustrate the way to respond for top results. The scoring system allows you to analyze strengths and focus efforts on knowledge gaps. It will tell you whether further tuition is advisable (take a look at our videos for a low-cost solution) or whether you have the knowledge required to take on the Oracle exams themselves. There's no pressure and no need to rush things because our Oracle practice test remains available for a full six months.