Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals Online Training Course

Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals Training CDs
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If you're a systems analyst, PL/SQL developer, technical consultant, forms developer, or portal developer, take a look at the self-paced Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals CBT. This course offers an introduction to the PL/SQL programming language as well as the Oracle SQL Developer tool.

The Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals training CD is different from many of the more traditional courses you might be considering. While it covers all of the same topics a regular class goes over, this CD is completely self-directed. This means that you decide when to study and how long to participate. You also set the pace much as you would do if you were following a study guide. However, the course takes the best of these other methods and packages it into a comprehensive learning experience.

You'll start by watching full motion Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals training videos led by a certified instructor. These videos let you see the tasks in action and hear detailed explanations. In addition to the videos (which you can watch over and over if needed), you also get numerous computer based training features such as interactive content, presentations, simulations, step-by-step demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

The self-paced Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals CBT is an effective option for learning the fundamentals or PL/SQL as it relates to the Oracle 11g database. You will learn the basics of PL/SQL as well as how to declare PL/SQL identifiers, write executable statements, interact with Oracle Server, write control structures, work with composite data types, use explicit cursors, handle exceptions, and create stored procedures and functions.

The Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals training CD comes with everything you need to succeed. Simply install the disc and begin by watching the Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals training videos at your leisure. Whether you work through the course quickly or slowly is up to you. If you want to jump ahead or go back to an earlier topic is your decision. With this type of flexibility and 24/7 access to the courseware, you are truly in charge of your studies.

Instructor-led videos along with hands-on activities ensure your ultimate success. Use the Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals training CD to master this programming language on your own terms.

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Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals Training Video CBT Features:

Oracle 11g PL/SQL Fundamentals

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Introduction to PL/SQL
3.0 PL/SQL Variables
4.0 Executable Statements
5.0 Interacting with the Oracle Database Server
6.0 Control Structures
7.0 Composite Data Types
8.0 Explicit Cursors
9.0 Exceptions
10.0 Stored Procedures and Functions