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Whether for acquiring relevant Linux skills or in preparation for exams, the Red Hat training courses available from CBT Planet give you in-depth, vendor-standard information that enables individuals and organizations to rapidly achieve their goals. The comprehensive choice of Red Hat administration training options and the diverse delivery methods ensures there's the tuition you need, in a format that's convenient. Each IT training course uses recognized experts to both create and conduct lessons, supported by an organization whose reputation for understanding the demands of their clients is unequalled. From cost-effective DVDs, through traditional classes, boot camps, live streaming, custom-developed onsite classes and a huge library of books we supply Red Hat training courses that respond to the tightest budget and satisfy the most stringent requirements.

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Red Hat Training Videos (Self-Paced)

The combination of quality and flexibility provided by CBT Planet's Red Hat training videos means that virtually everyone can access industry-leading standards of tuition, regardless of geography, schedule or budget. If you're a business user we can stream courses like our Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Administration training videos directly to your locations. You simply decide the best time for lessons to take place. If you're an ambitious IT professional we can give you exceptional content on DVD. They are all put together by the best instructors and specialists available, who combine years of lecture experience with the benefits of modern interactive media. The resulting Red Hat training videos deliver a price/performance package that can't be beaten.

Red Hat Training Classes (Instructor-Led)

If we mention Red Hat training classes the first thing you think of is probably going to be traditional classroom tuition. At CBT Planet we provide that, of course, with vendor-quality courses at venues across the US and Canada that ensure there's always somewhere not too far from you. However, modern business schedules mean that's not always convenient, so we cater for those demands as well with intensive boot camps, live rich-media online lessons and tailored onsite classes that provide cost-effective and flexible Red Hat administration course solutions that fit in with your timetable. It means wherever you are, whatever the requirements of your organization, if our exceptional Red Hat training classes are not within your reach, we'll bring them to you.

Red Hat Books

The Red Hat training books offered by CBT Planet provide a convenient knowledge-base with concise, rapidly-absorbed information that's readily available and requires remarkably little investment. In addition to a collection from the world's foremost Linux experts that will help you quickly resolve day-to-day challenges, we also have specific Red Hat study guides for those taking on the challenge of certification. Invaluable on their own, they are also a superb addition to other training - such as our affordable video - giving you a learning tool that can be used anywhere, any time. They never need batteries or an internet connection and yet they offer tuition from the finest minds in the business. Red Hat training books are technology that never dates and is always effective.