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The impact of virtualization continues to grow so it's important to ensure professionals get the right VMware training courses. Fortunately, with CBT Planet, there's no only the exceptional standard you expect but a range of methods, ensuring that regardless of location or schedule you can access an IT course that will prove invaluable in building expertise and increasing productivity. Ambitious individuals can choose affordable DVDs - particularly valuable in pursuit of qualifications. Organizations of every size can send personnel to VMware vSphere5 training classes across the US and Canada, or boot camps, or have lessons streamed to their venues, or have onsite classes that focus on particular objectives. We have the highest quality VMware training courses conducted by the nation's leading instructors, the only question is how you want them delivered.

VMware Training Courses

VMware vSphere Training

VMware View Training

VMware Infrastructure VI3 Training

  • VMware Infrastructure 3: Deploy, Secure, and Analyze 3.5
  • VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure 3.5

Available Courses by Training Formats

VMware Training Videos (Self-Paced)

What better way to learn the various disciplines associated with virtualization than CBT Planet's cost-effective and convenient VMware training videos? Virtualization technology offers new levels of flexibility and adaptability within organizations and, whether you choose lessons on DVD or something like our VMware vSphere training videos streamed to your location, the same is equally true of this kind of tuition. Standards are guaranteed because we employ the same qualified specialists who deliver live classes. Their knowledge is combined with the benefits of immersive media, resulting in easy-to-use, absorbing and highly effective teaching systems that respond to the demands of today's busy schedules. In a world where change often disrupts your plans, our VMware training videos could be the perfect solution.

VMware Training Classes (Instructor-Led)

Whether you're investing in cloud computing for the first time, or upgrading the skills of experienced personnel, CBT Planet's range of VMware training classes have been designed to provide the right high-quality learning method for your situation. We offer traditional teaching through venues right across the US and Canada. If that's not convenient we can stream live classes straight to your location via the internet. If you have a requirement for certification courses we have dedicated boot camp facilities. If you need specifically focused solutions - for VMware View5 for example - you can work with our qualified instructors to develop a tailor-made course that precisely addresses your targets. Regardless of your needs, our goal is to ensure you have exactly the right VMware training classes to meet them.

VMware Books

Despite ever greater technological developments, the VMware training books available from CBT Planet are still a valuable resource for the IT professional. Sometimes overlooked, books nevertheless continue to be as effective a learning tool as ever. The written word is still the main way we acquire new information and books allow us to access information supplied by experts around the world, at remarkably little cost. Whether you need an overview of a subject or specific information, a book is a convenient resource that's instantly available. If you're working towards exams, a VMware study guide is a superb complement to other lessons, allowing you to learn whenever you have a few spare minutes. Although digital devices are everywhere there's still nothing more flexible or convenient than VMware training books.

VMware Practice Tests

CBT Planet's low-cost VMware practice tests are a significant factor in your results when it comes to facing the real VMware exam. There are several reasons. First, they give you an accurate feel for the environment you'll face. Vendor-style questions are part of an accurate simulation that reflects exactly what's required. Correct and incorrect solutions combine to give you an overview of precisely how to answer. Detailed scoring pinpoints areas that require further study. Our DVDs provide affordable tuition if you need to reinforce your skills, before re-testing to check your progress. All VMware practice tests remain accessible for a full 6 months and you can use them as often as you wish so there's no pressure - just a clear method for achieving success.