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If you search online for Microsoft training courses you get thousands of results, but you also get enormous differences in quality. Unfortunately, price can be misleading too. At CBT Planet we take Microsoft training and certification very seriously. We've built an enviable reputation for expertise, so whether you want Microsoft Office training for end users, courses for technicians and administrators, or assistance with qualifications like the valuable MCITP, our computer training courses deliver an exceptional standard of tuition. Each has been created by Microsoft certified specialists with in-depth knowledge of their particular discipline. We also provide a full selection of methodologies so there's something to suit everyone, from cost-effective and flexible videos to custom-tailor curriculums for enterprise companies. It's all backed up by client focused support that ensures an expert is available to help you choose exactly the right Microsoft training courses for your needs.

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Microsoft End-User Training Courses

When CBT Planet provide Microsoft Office training courses we only ever use specialist, certified instructors. It ensures that whether you choose live classes, advanced online tuition, cost-effective DVDs or an individually-tailored solution, you always get the highest possible standards. We also offer exceptional subject coverage. Windows 7 and Windows 8 training is designed so even inexperienced users can quickly grasp those aspects of the operating system that directly effect them. When you need to update the skills of a team with the latest Microsoft Project training you'll find numerous options so you can select exactly what you need. If you're implementing a company-wide Microsoft Access, Excel, or PowerPoint training course we can match methodology to demand so your people get new skills quickly and you get fast return on your investment. When you're looking for Microsoft Office training courses, we have precise answers, every time.

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Microsoft Technical Training Courses

Microsoft technical training courses can have major impact on your infrastructure so you need to ensure the company you're dealing with understands your requirements. CBT Planet don't just have the experience with Microsoft Windows, Exchange, and SQL Server training to answer your demands, our people come from a variety of business backgrounds so we know how tuition should be structured to be effective in real world situations. Whether you're bringing new personnel up to speed with something like our Microsoft Windows Server 2008 training course, or introducing an existing team to the complexities of virtualization, each of our learning options has been created by certified professionals to deliver the vital information you need, fast. Of course support is equally important, and we provide skilled assistance to help you decide exactly which Microsoft technical training courses offer the best solutions and to make sure they live up to our promises.

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Microsoft Certification Training Courses

Microsoft certification training simply has to be undertaken by specialists, and all CBT Planet's options - from custom-tailored on-site classes to probably the best rated Microsoft certification online training video available - are designed, developed and delivered by certified instructors. These experienced individuals don't just know their subject, they know the exact demands of testing, so there's nobody better to steer your personnel towards success. We also offer unrivaled choice. Whether you are looking for the Microsoft Office certification training for that important validation of entry-level skills, or you're an experienced IT professional searching for the right MCITP certification courses, there's an option that delivers the knowledge you need. It doesn't matter to us if you're an ambitious individual, or responsible for sourcing learning solutions for several teams, everyone who chooses our Microsoft certification training gets industry-leading standards of tuition and exceptional support.

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