PMI-SP Certification Training Courses

pmi sp certification training

The new PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) credential was introduced to meet the growing demand for project managers and to offer a credential for those who specialize in scheduling for scheduling professionals who work on project teams and our PMI-SP certification training program is just what you need to help prepare you for the certification exam. As production, construction, service and other schedules are compressed to meet tighter delivery timetables, scheduling is critical to a company's ability to compete successfully in today's global markets. The PMI-SP credential will substantiate the applicant's knowledge, skills and experience, which you will get when signing up for one of our PMI-SP certification training programs.

Since job security is increasingly more important in today's work environment given our current economic times, which is why you should take our PMI-SP training courses so that you get the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the certification exam and earn your credential. Project Management is one of the strongest fields to be in at this time and this certification will definitely help your career in the long run since hiring managers look for individuals who hold certifications. With our PMI-SP training program, you will learn everything about the exam and what you will be doing on the job from certified instructors that have many years of experience in the industry. These subject matter experts have created a dynamic curriculum that is filled with interactive and multimedia components that make learning fun and informative.

We have a variety of options for our PMI-SP certification courses that include CBT, onsite and boot camp courses and are sure you will find the right one to fit your schedule and needs. All our courses will give you a quality education that will help your career and show you the ropes in terms of becoming a PMI-SP professional. All the courses include discussions, demos, presentations and more and offer quizzes and assessments so that you can track and monitor your progress within the course.

Available PMI-SP Training Methods


Self Study PMI-SP CBT Training Videos on CD

  sp cbtLearn at your own convenience and from your computer's desktop with our PMI-SP CBT course that allows you to learn form our PMI-SP training CDs. Instead of having to travel to class or follow someone else's schedule, our CBT course allows you the freedom to learn whenever you want and wherever your computer and the training CDs can go. This is a great way for busy professionals with full-time jobs to successfully prepare for the PMI-SP certification exam. in our CBT course, students will learn from certified instructors through a variety of useful learning methods that are interactive so learning is both fun and informative.
  PMI SP CBT Training Videos

Onsite PMI SP Certification Training - Flat Instructor Fee - Bring the Training to Your Office

  sp onsiteHave nothing but PMI-SP certified professionals working at your company after having them take our PMI-SP onsite training course that will successfully prepare the for what they will encounter on the certification exam. Our onsite course teaches them at your company's location, as we send over one of our certified instructor's to lead your team in their PMI-SP learning journey. Your employees will learn everything they will need to know about the certification exam and working as PMI-SP professionals through a variety of discussions, demos, presentations and much more. They will also be given hands-on practice labs to get real-world experience.
  Onsite PMI SP Training Classes
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Get your staff training that will help them enhance their career with our PMI-SP onsite training classes that teaches them skills to pass the exam.