Online IT Certification Practice Tests

You've invested a great deal of time, money, and effort preparing for your technical certification exam. Don't let your sacrifices go to waste by stumbling in the exam room. Take a series of practice tests first to be sure you are fully prepared to succeed. CBT Planet offers downloads of practice exams from SelfTest Software that allow you to prepare for the real live exam from the comfort of your own desktop. These tools allow you to get comfortable with the format of the testing environment as well as try out your knowledge. You'll answer realistic questions and receive detailed explanations to help you access whether or not you are ready. In addition, you can work in either learning mode or certification mode. Even if you get answers wrong during your practice tests, you are poised for success because you will learn which areas need further study and why your answers were incorrect.

IT Certification Practice Tests



Learning mode allows you to customize your experience to focus on special areas of study. You can set it up to follow objectives, keywords, or missed answers so that you can review and master the areas that are giving you trouble. Certification mode simulates the real exam including time limits and the same number of questions to answer. Score reports detail your progress and reveal areas of weakness. You can view results by exam objective or review your improvement from one test to another. Choose from our list of downloadable practice exams focusing on Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle, Lotus Domino, Sun, PMI, ITIL, IBM, (ISC)2, Check Point, and CIW. SelfTest Software products offer realistic exam simulations so that you are fully prepared. You'll know exactly what to expect after you've completed the practice tests because these products follow the exam objectives and offer the same look and feel of the real thing.


Why Practice Exams?

Practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for your certification exam. Why?

  • First, you can quickly identify what you already know and what you need to work on to pass the exam. You will see what objectives are covered in the real test and how the questions will be asked.
  • Second, all Self Test practice exams provide you with the correct and, just as important, the incorrect answers to every question. You are learning and building your skills - not just memorizing "right" answers.
  • Third, you can test your knowledge with realistic exam simulations . Experience the complex question types, simulations and the time limitations. See your score in total and by key test objectives.

You would never take a final exam in school without completing other tests or quizzes in that class. Why risk being unprepared for your certification test? Self Test will guarantee you are ready to pass the test!

Practice Makes Perfect

Going for your IT, MCITP, A+, CCNA or other professional certification? Join the many IT professionals before you who have prepared themselves by taking practice tests. Before you go in for your test, give yourself the best possible chance of passing the MCITP certification exam with MCITP practice exams and an exam pass guarantee.

Practice exams are a surefire way of preparing for the real thing. By taking a practice test, you will know what to expect, see how well you did and see where you need to improve. After taking a practice exam, you can learn the answers to the questions you got wrong. When you are ready to take the actual test, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to ace the certification exam. We guarantee your success.

Taking a A+ practice test not only helps you with the CompTIA A+ questions and answers but with timing as well. In many cases, timing requirements are programmed in allowing you to experience the test under the same time restraints as the real exam. This helps you to budget your time during the test.

Practice exams are available in a variety of formats. You can choose from exam programs with questions and answers along with detailed explanations, audio exam programs that you can play on the go on your ipod or other media device, CD ROM discs and online access to simulations and tests. Online access plans vary depending on how long you need to study with online access to simulations, practice tests and more for varying lengths of time.

No matter which product you choose, practice exams offer numerous benefits. You can prepare at your own pace at your own location until you are ready to take the official certification exam. You will learn everything you need to know at a faster pace than through traditional courses. Practice tests focus your learning on the topics the exams cover and offer explanations to the answers so you will understand the reasoning behind the answers.

Purchasing practice exams not only gives you the resources necessary for passing your certification exam, it comes with an exam pass guarantee. These products are designed to help you pass the exam but if you don't, the products are backed by a guarantee.

Whether you're an established IT professional or just starting out, give yourself and your career the best advantage before you go in for the certification exam . Practice, practice, practice. We guarantee your success.