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Self-study CBT training videos, available streamed over the internet or on DVD, offer an immersive blend of traditional instructor and modern technology that results in a remarkably effective way to learn. CBT Planet’s computer based training videos take advantage of our considerable resources to access the country’s finest certified instructors - and to create much more than simply a recording of a lesson. There are lectures, live demonstrations and animations enabling you to explore the course content from numerous angles. All CBT videos are pre-screened and edited to ensure consistency of delivery. Our reputation for quality is extremely important to us so you can be sure the finished CBT training software and our CBT videos are a complete solution. It allows both individuals and corporates to benefit from a teaching system that engages, challenges, and rapidly transmits the required skills.

Available Self-Paced CBT Training Videos:


CBT Training Library Suites

We have made a great deal even sweeter. We have packaged our CBT videos and online CBT training into customizable library suites. You can choose one of our library suite packages or you can customize it to better meet your needs. No matter which route you choose, you will save a bundle. Mix and match Microsoft Office training, Oracle, CCNA training, CompTIA, Java, Linux, UNIX, Soft Skills and many more.


IT Certification CBT Training

IT certification is closer than you think, as close as your keyboard. When you choose an IT certification training course, you gain the skills and knowledge needed to pass the certification exam of your choosing in a powerful, interactive training disc. Whether you're pursuing MCSE, Linux, A+ Training, CCNA Training, Oracle 10g DBA, CISSP or any of the highly sought after technical certifications available, we've got a course that's vendor approved and loaded with learning.


IT CBT Training

Technical training comes to your desktop in the form of a computer based training CD-ROM. Install the discm and let the IT technical training begin. You can master CCNA training, Microsoft Office training, Oracle, Novell, UNIX, and many more without the need to attend an offsite class. Whether you need to update your IT skills with IT training to meet the demands of your job or you want to further your career by obtaining technical certifications, choosing a computer based training course is a wise move.


Desktop Office Applications CBT Training

What good is a new computer program if no one in the office knows how to use it? Master a new software program by choosing a desktop software training course on CD. With a CD based training course, you can learn how to use products such as Microsoft Office, Corel, Quark, Adobe, Novell, Act and many more. Let your software work for you when you know how to work the software.


Soft Skills CBT Training

Cover all of your bases by training your staff in the soft skills today's workplace requires. With legislation such as HIPAA and sexual harassment lawsuits, soft skill training has become an essential business objective. Our vast list of topics available for CBT training covers Six Sigma, HIPAA, sexual harassment, economics, human resources, customer service, safety training, sales training and more. We have over 400 courses designed to improve the bottom line, reduce liability, and enhance your workforce


Custom CBT Development Services

Team up with CBT Planet for all of your CBT training and CBT video conversions including self-study training needs. Our video-based CBT development plan includes identifying and analyzing your training needs, developing and designing the computer based training software with your needs in the forefront of our minds, and integrating the finished custom built course into your LMS.




At CBT Planet we undertake CBT training for some of the nation’s leading enterprise companies, yet we are still able to focus on the needs of a single IT professional looking at CBT videos as an efficient tool to help further their career. One of the features of this kind of teaching is, of course, the flexibility. Students learn when they want, at the speed they want, and are never frustrated by others who adopt a different pace. Choose the option of having your CBT computer training software accessible via the internet, rather than on CD/ DVD, and you’ll not only benefit from tremendously useful hands-on labs with many of our courses, but you will also be able to access our highly accomplished personnel for online mentoring that is available 24 hours a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year. Perhaps there is no such thing as “perfect” methodology, but self-study CBT training and CBT videos from CBT Planet fulfill just about every criterion.