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The major benefit of CBT Planet's self-study Cisco CCNA certification training videos has to be the unbeatable convenience. This kind of Cisco training fits around busy schedules, is ideal for personnel in remote geographical locations and perfect for those who want to learn without impacting on current roles. Of course it's vital that each Cisco CCNA video training course meets the same high standards as our other classes - so we employ the same certified instructors in their design and creation. These vastly experienced professionals understand CCNA certification training better than anyone and blend traditional lecture with modern immersive media to deliver CCNA training videos packed with precisely the information that students need for success. Along with the tremendous flexibility there's also the price: although it should never be the deciding factor, the value-for-money that our self-study Cisco CCNA certification training videos represent is difficult to ignore.

Target Audience

While a wide range of IT professionals will benefit from the information provided in our CCNA training videos, the prime audience is those engineers and technicians with a desire to validate their skills in installing, configuring, operating and troubleshooting networks and who might also need to connect to remote WAN sites and cover basic threat mitigation.


The Cisco Network Associate level is for those moving on from entry-level qualification to more comprehensive expertise, so although using our Cisco CCNA video training doesn't require specific prerequisites students will be expected to have a thorough grounding in network basics. A good grasp of the Cisco IOS is also envisaged.

Practice Test Access

Six month practice test prep online access for the Cisco CCNA certification exam 640-802 is included.

Routersim and Network Simulator

The hands-on Cisco CCNA Routersim and Network Simulator is optional. It contains over 190 hands-on lab exercises and 500 supported commands. It features the Cisco 2811 router, Cisco 2960 / 3560 switches, and practice scenarios map to the CCNA 640-802 exam.

Cisco CCNA Certification Online Training Videos

One of CBT Planet's prime motivations in creating self-study Cisco CCNA online training videos was to respond to the increasing demand for high quality corporate e-learning solutions. Many businesses need a more flexible approach to staff training than provided by traditional lessons, but obviously they don't want any less impact. Our online CCNA certification training course is the answer, cleverly blending the best of the classroom with the advantages of interactive media. The result not only gives organizations the tools they need but gives individuals a means of acquiring invaluable skills without disrupting their current timetable. Our self-study Cisco CCNA online training videos are one of those rare products that really does answer every need.

Cisco CCNA Certification Online Training Courses
Single User Online License (12 Month Access)
RouterSim and Network Simulator
IT Certification Online Training Library (12 Month Access)

Cisco CCNA Certification CBT Training Videos

When IT professionals want to move their career forward - but without negative impact in the workplace - CBT Planet's self-study Cisco CCNA certification CBT training videos are the perfect answer. It's the same certified instructors who deliver classroom lectures, and the same extensive information, but with unbeatable flexibility. Put a CCNA CBT training DVD in a briefcase, or a pocket, and get superb tuition whenever and wherever you choose. Of course it's not just convenient for the individual but equally valuable as an enterprise computer based training program. Factor in the extraordinary value-for-money and self-study Cisco CCNA certification CBT training videos become an easy choice as well as an extremely effective one.

Cisco CCNA Certification CBT Training Courses
Single User Perpetual License
Lending Library License
RouterSim and Network Simulator
IT Certification Online Training Library (12 Month Access)

Cisco CCNA Certification Training Outline

1.0 Course Overview

Certification Paths, Learn & Recertification

2.0 Security Threats: Mitigating Network Attacks

Goals, Integrity & Availability of Network Security
Self-Defending Networks
Network Attacks
Types of Attacks
Access Attacks
Worms, Virus & Trojan Horse Attacks
Application Layer Attacks

3.0 Securing Cisco Routers

Cisco Router SDM - Security Audit Feature
One-Step Lockdown Feature in SDM
Secure Administrative Access to Cisco Routers
Multiple Privilege Levels and Role-Based CLI
Securing Cisco IOS Images, Config Files & Implementation

4.0 Implementing AAA

Functions and Features of AAA
Setting Up ACS
Configuring AAA Throughout the Entire Network
AAA Accounting

5.0 Mitigate Threats Using Access Control Lists

Types of ACLs
Threat Mitigation Using ACLs

6.0 Switch Security: Mitigate Common Layer2 Attacks

Switch Attack Categories
Private VLANs
VLAN Hopping, Trunk Exploitation & STP Misuse
Implementing IP and DHCP Spoof Prevention & ARP Inspection

7.0 Cisco IOS Firewall Features using SDM

Firewall Technologies
Stateful Firewalls
Cisco IOS Firewall
Set Up a Firewall on Routers

8.0 Implementing the Cisco IOS IPS Feature Set Using the SDM

IDS and IPS Systems
Network Based, Host Based IPS & Signature Categories
IPS Policies Wizard & SDM IPS Edit Menu Demonstration

9.0 Implementing Site-To-Site VPNs on Cisco Routers Using SDM

Cryptography Methods
IKE Protocol
Building Blocks of IPSec
Advantages of IPSec VPNs
Message Authentication and Integrity Check
Differences Between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
5 Steps of IPSec


When qualifications have to be achieved within specific time frames there's no better solution than CBT Planet's Cisco CCNA certification boot camp training class. CCNA boot camps take place in a dedicated environment. They're a fast-paced investigation of the examination requirements delivered by experienced IT professionals in an atmosphere where everyone has the same goals. This kind of Cisco CCNA training has exceptional success rates and through an upgrade option can be the stepping stone to further success via unrestricted 12 months access to our complete online IT training videos library. Our Cisco CCNA certification boot camp training class virtually guarantees a pass in this discipline, and can offer almost unlimited scope for further career development.