VMware Site Recovery Manager Training Courses

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VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) courses from CBT Planet teach you how to use VMware SRM to plan, build, manage, and implement disaster recovery plans. The Site Recovery Manager product from VMware streamlines recoveries – once you know how to use the software to its fullest abilities. Get the skills that you need to successfully implement this technology by enrolling in one of CBT Planet’s VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) training courses. These courses come in several convenient formats including self-paced classes, online training classes, and onsite training programs held for private groups. All courses feature a certified instructor, even the courses on DVD. That’s because the VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) training DVD and the self-paced online class make extensive use of instructor-led training videos. No matter which format of the VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) course you choose, you will receive expert instruction and comprehensive coverage of the VMware SRM product.

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The self-paced VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) training videos arrive either on DVD or online, depending on which option you select. With the DVD, you get a complete VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) CBT training course that you use on your computer. Participate in the training at your leisure and watch VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) training videos at any time. Similarly, CBT Planet’s VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) courses online are also self-paced with 24/7 access to the training. Watch streaming video at any time and see close up views of Site Recovery Manager in action – right on your own computer screen. With these video based VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) training courses, you do not need to have VMware products installed on your computer in order to see them demonstrated. In addition, hands-on simulations allow you to practice many of the recovery tasks yourself, even if you do not have the software installed. Choose DVD or VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) online training courses and learn from the comfort of your home or office.

CBT Planet also offers its IT training classes to private groups. With this option, CBT planet conducts onsite VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) training classes right at your job site. Ideal for groups of six or more SRM trainees, these VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) courses feature a live instructor at a cost-effective price. Since the VMware training takes place at your company’s location, employees are able to learn how to work with VMware SRM without incurring travel expenses. Plus, the onsite class is charged using a flat fee, regardless of the number of attendees, making this one of the most affordable training choices for larger groups.