VoIP and Telephony Training Courses

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CBT Planet brings you the latest training in the hottest technologies. If you need to learn the fundamentals of telecommunications and VoIP technologies or if you need in-depth, specialized VoIP training, you've found the solution. Our courses center around the evolving telecom industry and bring you the latest techniques, concepts and innovations.

We offer a huge variety of Voice over IP and telephony courses designed for every skill level imaginable. From basic telephony training classes to complete onsite training packages customized to your needs, we deliver the high-tech training you need to grow to the next level. A cost effective solution, onsite training, is available for larger groups with at least ten students enrolled. We send our instructor to your office to conduct the training sessions. When you factor in the associated, and often under-estimated, costs linked to sending your staff off-site for training, choosing an on-site course saves you a bundle.

In today's high-tech, connected world, telephony and VoIP skills are highly sought after. Give yourself, and your company, the competitive edge by enrolling in onsite training focused on VoIP training and telephony training classes.

VOIP Foundations Training Classes

Advanced Deployment of Voice over IP


Effectively Managing VoIP Implementations


Telecommunications Fundamentals


Voice over IP Foundations

Cisco Unified Communications Training Classes

ACCMU - Administering Cisco CallManager and Unity


AQOS - Advanced Cisco Quality of Service


CIPT1 - Cisco IP Telephony Part 1


CIPT2 - Cisco IP Telephony Part 2


CMBA - CallManager Basic Administration


CUDN - Cisco Unity Design and Networking


CVOICE - Cisco Voice over IP


GWGK - Implementing Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers


ICMBC - Intelligent Contact Manager Boot Camp v7.0


ICMPT1 - Cisco ICM Product Training Part 1


ICMPT2 - Cisco ICM Product Training Part 2


IPCAR - Cisco Systems Customizing ICM/IPCC Reports Workshop


IPCAS - Cisco IPCC Advanced Scripting


IPCCE - Cisco IP Contact Center Enterprise v1.0


IPTD - IP Telephony Design


IPTT - Cisco IP Telephony Troubleshooting


IPTX - Cisco IP Telephony Express


QOS - Implementing Cisco Quality of Service

  UCCXA - Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Advanced v1.0

UCCXD - Cisco Contact Center Express and Unified IP IVR Deployment


UCSAE - Cisco Unified Communications System Administration/Engineer


VoWLAN - Voice over Wireless LAN v1.0


Individual airfare and lodging adds up, and before you know it, your bargain training courses have ended up costing you an unexpected premium. Don't let this happen to you. Our associates will help you determine the best route for your company's training requirements. Give us a call, we're always happy to help! From an overview of the emerging telephony technologies to highly-advanced technical courses, you can learn, and master, VoIP by choosing CBT Planet as your telecom trainer. Our instructors know their stuff and help you understand exactly how these technologies are impacting organizations. By staying on top of the telecom industry and participating in VoIP training, your career will be on the cutting edge. Your new skills will pay off when you put them to use and implement a cost-effective telephony solution for your company.