EC-Council Wireless 5 Certification Training Courses

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If you are a mobile user or a professional working in a wireless environment, taking aWireless 5 certification training course serves to expose you to diverse technologies mapping them to real world applications. You will gain an overview of WAP and how developers view these enabling technologies and a peek into the future trends. Taking a Wireless 5 training course is tailored to cater to any individual's desire to learn more about the technology. It requires no pre-requisite knowledge and aims to educate the learner in simple applications of these technologies. Wireless 5 seeks to break the myths of wireless computing. You will understand the security aspects of wireless and what you can do to secure your access, which is what you will learning when taking a Wireless 5 certification training course.

Wireless technology is still hyped about and chances are you are at times overwhelmed by the plethora of terms and devices that come your way. Networks are getting connected increasingly with the aid of new technology. Communication is witnessing richer media content and easy accessibility. Information sharing is assuming critical significance as virtual networks are spawning relentlessly. Taking aWireless 5 certification training program will help you learn all the information needed to become a certified professional so that you can enhance your knowledge ad your career. When taking a Wireless 5 training program like ours, you will be exposed to various wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, IEEE 802.11b/g standard, HomeRF, HiperLAN/2, phoning technologies and standards such as CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, 3G, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE, GSM1900 /900 /1800, WCDMA, PHS, Tetrapol and NTTDoCoMo, VoIP etc. You will understand the current and emerging standards such as Mobitex, DataTAC, CDPD, Ricochet etc. You will be exposed to devices such as handhelds, PDA, Blackberry etc.

We offer a variety of delivery options for our Wireless 5 training courses and are sure that you will find one that fits your schedule perfectly. All of our courses are taught by certified instructors and feature in-depth lectures, discussions, demos and much more. We even provide you with all the learning material when enrolling in one of our Wireless 5 courses.

Available EC-Council Wireless 5 Training Methods


Self Study Wireless 5 CBT Training Videos on CD

  wireless 5 cbtPrepare for the certification exam by taking our Wireless 5 CBT course that allows you to learn from your computer at your own convenience. Instead of signing up for a traditional schooling class, you can learn whenever you want with our Wireless 5 computer based training CDs that feature instructor-led sessions that feature interactive components designed to make learning both fun and informative. We have certified professionals teaching our course, which will provide you with a quality education that will help you enhance your IT career. You will learn from discussions, demos, presentations and much more when taking our dynamic course.
  Wireless 5 CBT Training Videos

Onsite EC-Council Wireless 5 Certification Training - Flat Instructor Fee - Bring the Training to Your Office

  wireless 5 onsiteHaving your employees properly trained will definitely boost productivity and help the success of your company, which is why our onsite Wireless 5 training classes are great since we provide training at your company's site by certified instructors. Our subject matter experts have created a dynamic curriculum for our onsite course that will teach your employees everything they will need to know in order to pass the certification exam without any problems. Your staff will learn from interactive learning methods that will help them learn faster and retain the information longer so that they remember it all for the certification exam.
  Onsite Wireless 5 Training Classes

Consider onsite ECSS training classes if you have a group of six or more who need this certification. At this level, onsite courses become cost effective.